Riparian/Watershed Inventory Project.

Riparian/Watershed Inventory

Ecosite Driven Riparian Classification

Resource Planning Project.

Resource Planning

We offer many services in resource planning including sampling design, growth and yield modeling, statistical analysis, resource surveys and more.

Imagery Acquisition Project.

Imagery Acquisition

Coordination and Management of Large Inventory Programs and UAV (Drone) Programs.

Field Services Project.

Field Services

A wildlife reclamation project. Field services include TSPs & PSPs, inventory plots, RSA calibration/validation, anthropogenic disturbance reclamation plots, and more.

LiDAR Project.


This project displays Lidar data with hill shade.

Remote Wildlife Survey Project.

Remote Wildlife Survey

In this project, we are recording the Caribou populations inhabiting areas in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

WESBOGY Project.


This project we utilized lidar and aerial imaging to measure WESBOGY sites near Fawcett Lake.

Vegetation Inventories Project.

Vegetation Inventories

We work on a variety of vegetation inventories. Projects include inventories such as Grassland Inventory, Alberta Vegetation Inventory, and more.

Mountain Pine Beetle Surveys Project.

Mountain Pine Beetle Surveys

Project Details We flew areas in Western Alberta, assessing the mountain pine beetle disturbance and...Read More »